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Auction field picks Zhen Qing Qianlong imperial color Jiangshan Ruyi ear Pipa honor

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This product is a unique painting tool in the Qianlong imperial kiln, its shape is noble and elegant, the decoration is magnificent, the double Ruyi ear is exquisite, the Ruyi head is decorated with a red ribbon decorated with gold color "Wan", vivid and elegant, for the Qianlong Dynasty high-end fine imperial porcelain ashers a remarkable symbol。The mouth is decorated along the Ruyi cloud head pattern, and the lower bearing Wanshou ribbon pattern is a week, which echoes the decoration of the ears。Belly painting landscape garden scene, painting in the distance of the palace towers, cornices and high corners, green pines and cypress surround, like a fairyland, majestic magic, such as the cloud of the pagoda proud of the top of the mountain looking into the sky, lake wide cloud sky, mountains。The lake shore fishing boat singing night, the jungle hut number, the distant mountain clouds and fog peaks, seems to have thousands of miles away。Its composition of thin and solid, brush and ink thin xiu and moist, especially called the good stone, light cun concentrated moss, Hao Feng Ying off, ink subtle, sigh to stop。Shi Caiqing thin beauty, set the color of light elegant meaningful, benefit to see the profound sense of Cang elegant, view like the Song Dynasty's green landscape calligraphy, the construction of Qianlong imperial poem "Light boat floating on the water, Fang path to the mountain home"。The shape of the two ears echoes the theme decoration, meaning "Jiangshan thousand generations", which can be described as unique ingenuity。

The glaze color of this product is exquisite,It's beautiful,Many aspects of decorative decoration and pigment application techniques highlight the characteristics of typical western colors: first, painting techniques imitate western light and shadow painting,Pay attention to the layout of the picture near and far relationship and three-dimensional level;Second, the mouth edge and ears are decorated with the unique round spot of foreign color;The third is to depict the waves with ink color as fine as hair on a large area of white color with opacity and smooth texture,This white color is also an important primary color of copper and porcelain enamel paintings under the influence of the West。
Foreign color is an art treasure produced by the exchange and interaction between Qing Palace and Western culture in the 18th century. It is the official name of the colored porcelain painted by Western painting techniques in Qing Palace during the Yongqian Period. The "Work File" and "Display File" of Qianlong Dynasty were often made of "Foreign color", and the name of "foreign color" was engraved on the original wooden boxes。The maturity and popularity of Western color porcelain, so that western techniques and western themes in the Qing Palace porcelain to get a perfect combination, extraordinary character, cast a period of Chinese ceramic history filled with western atmosphere of the beautiful chapter, its founder is the imperial kiln factory director of pottery officer Tang Ying。The name of "Foreign color" first appeared in the 13th year of Yongzheng (1735) Tang Ying's "Pottery Overview Inscription" : "Foreign color vessels, this dynasty's new imitation of the Western method of Lang painting, figures, landscapes, flowers, feathers, all fine。The tablet records the facts, which indicates that the Qing Dynasty Yangcai at least in the late Yongzheng Dynasty has been successfully fired by the Zhu Shan Royal kiln Factory。Foreign color painting is beautiful and complicated, different from traditional techniques, but also need the painter's superb painting skills and rich experience。Tang Ying made such comments in the 17th volume of the "Pottery and Metallurgy Atlas" compiled by the Emperor Qianlong in the eighth year: "Round ashings, five paintings, imitation of the Western, so it is called foreign mining。Must learn the painting master, will be a variety of pigments fine blending, with white porcelain painting and burning test, must be familiar with the pigment, the heat, can only be coarse and fine, practice makes perfect, always with the eye, careful, hand is the best。The pigment used is the same as the luang color, and there are three ways to adjust the color: one with rue oil, one with glue, and one with water。The oil color is easy to render, the glue is easy to spread, and the water color is easy to fill。The article clearly pointed out that the most important feature of foreign color - the use of the same pigment with porcelain enamel painting。

Late Kangxi,The technique of enamel was introduced to the court,All the pigments depend on foreign supplies,Few and precious,Enamel ware is limited to small pieces in the palace,Very limited quantity,This situation lasted until the early Yongzheng period,Yin Zhen was not satisfied with this,With his direct intervention,The manufacturing office from the smelting of enamel in Yongzheng six years later finally achieved success。According to the records of the office of construction at that time,The sixth year of Yongzheng Dynasty,The enamel newly refined in the manufacturing office has nine colors, such as moon white, white, yellow, light green, bright green, blue, pine green, bright green, black;New enamel materials include soft white, fragrant color, light pine yellow, lotus, light green, soy, deep grape color, bronze, pine yellow and so on,Nine in total。The success of the manufacturing office's self-refining enamel not only got rid of the embarrassment of having to rely on imported materials in the production of enamel porcelain, but also the newly added color varieties can also make enamel painters more handy in the performance of objects。

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